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 Here are the photos from the party in March for Thomas Krause
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  Our German Associates we worked with.US Production Capability on Kingston AvenueThis is who were when we were together. I hope we can get more pictures so no one will be forgotten ERmet ZD Timeline
Thomas Krause March 2008
Fun in the parking lot at ERNI in Chester, VA. Picture set 3
Rivers Bend Grill March 2007 reunion
January 11,2008 Rivers Bend Bar & Grill
Halloween 1998
ERNI started a systems group in Chester.
Greg Winfield
This site is dedicated to the loyal former employees of ERNI Chester.  I hope this site will eventually serve as a link between former employees and a place to share their successes in finding new jobs. I would like this site to become a place to share common memories and remembrances of better days.
Stan Cook